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DOT DOT Osha-re Handmade Doll-Like Eyelashes No. 3
DOT DOT Osha-re Handmade Doll-Like Eyelashes No. 3
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Incredibly long eyelashes, with every individual lash curled. To look and feel like a star, you need intense and mesmerizing eyes, so false eyelashes are a must-have to create those big dolly eyes.

Don't miss out on these defined, thick and curly lashes! Use these professional doll-like eyelashes for naturally big eyes and be the envy of many. Become a shining star instantly!

Easy to apply, remove and completely reusable too!

Types of Lashes:

No. 1: Natural eyelash lengthening effect, giving you bright and lively eyes.

No. 2: Get naturally enhanced eyelashes with this pair of micro criss-cross eyelashes, for the modern savvy lady who just wants to enhance her eye make-up discreetly.

No. 3: Clear lash band with voluminous and curled lashes, for natural yet sensational looking eyes!

No. 4: Eyelashes with enhanced criss-cross design at the centre, for mesmerizingly stunning eyes.

No. 5: Doll up your eyes with this pretty pair of thick and long lashes!

No. 6: Extra thick criss-cross eyelashes, for glamorously thick and full lashes.

No. 7: The perfect lower lashes for big and mesmerizing eyes.

No. 8: Clear lash band lower lashes for naturally bright-looking eyes.

Each box comes with 2 pairs of exquisite handmade eyelashes and a special white lash adhesive. Lashes go on easily in a mere 3 seconds. Long-lasting hold without any unpleasant adhesive odour. Removes easily with DOT DOT Gentle Eye & Lip Makeup Remover.

Maintenance of False Eyelashes

Remove gently from the box with fingers or tweezers, following the direction of the lashes. Avoid directly pulling the fine lashes. To reuse your lashes, ensure that the lashes are properly cleaned with any residual adhesive removed before placing them back into the box. Avoid applying eyeshadow or mascara on false eyelashes as these stain and easily damage the lashes.

Lashes are made of realistic eyelash fibre.


Consumer Advice
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