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Baby-doll Shaping Halter Top
Baby-doll Shaping Halter Top
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Set the latest trends in fashion with this 280 denier band + baby-doll halter top + special waist-shaping inner weave that:

• Flattens the abdomen
• Creates an instant bust lift
• Shapes waist
• Corrects posture
• Provides sensational mix-and-match dressing style

The weave around the chest is designed with a 1.5-cm magic 3D bust lift technology to create a fuller, three-dimensional cleavage. The special weaving under the baby-doll gives your abdomen area a firm compression to shape the waist and enhance the entire figure. There is no need in the future to wear multiple layers to create a baby-doll look; Bodyslim Baby-doll Shaping Halter Top does the trick.

This baby-doll shaping halter top utilises two different fabrics that provide different functions, setting a fashion trend while allowing you to achieve a perfect hourglass figure.

Get the Baby-doll Shaping Halter Top today and shape up in secret!

Size: M (64 cm–75 cm)
Material: 90% Nylon, 10% Spandex 
Colour: Black

How to Wear:
Roll up the shaper and put it on from the knees upwards. Lightly pull shaper until it reaches the bust. Adjust the shaper into a comfortable position. Pull excess cellulite upwards to create a slender waistline.


Washing Instructions:
1. Neutral detergent and hand wash only.

2. After washing, squeeze dry gently and hang in a shady place to dry.

3. Bleach or alkaline washes must be avoided or else the fibre/colour will be damaged.

4. Do not wash or dry in a washing machine/dryer.

Consumer Advice
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* We do not accept returns or exchange on personal products such as bodyshapers, camisoles, innerwear and socks.

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