GypsophilA 222 Raw Enzyme



Capacity: 27G(60 CAPSULES)

Key Ingredients: safflower oil, fermented vegetable extract, rice black vinegar concentrate powder (Shanxi old Chen vinegar concentrate powder, Jiangsu Zhenjiang incense vinegar concentrate powder), L r-carnithine tartrate, candle Bush extract, Coenzyme Q10, sterilization lactic acid bacteria (EC-12), gelatine (pork), glycerin, beeswax, glycerin fatty acid ester, squid ink pigment, vitamin B1 (includes part of the raw materials on gelatin, Kiwi fruit, peach, apples, soy, Yam. )

How to use:

If you are aiming for the maximum effect with digestion, we recommend 2 capsules before each meal every day. Alternatively you can down-size to 2 capsules each day, before a meal of your choice, for a mild supplementary effect.

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No.1 repurchased enzyme brand in Japan for the last 7 years! 

GypsophilA 222 Raw Enzymes (60tabs) 
Use room temperature for fermentation and it takes 12 months to complete a whole process. Therefore it keeps the maximum nutrition 
and active live enzymes which are the vital parts as an enzyme product, so you will get healthy and natural result to your body. 

 ●222 Raw Enzyme Suitable for who want to maintain healthy, 
beauty and diet. To support all those facts, it contains all the essentials 
plant fermented extract! 

 How to take: 
Recommend to take 6 tabs per day for slimming purpose! 
>Before breakfast 2 tabs 
>Before lunch 2 tabs 
>Before dinner 2 tabs